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Vaccines and uncertainty.

As much as I did not want to, I got my first shot of the Covid vaccine.

I'm not an "Anti-vaxer". But, I'm sure a lot more cautious about what goes in my body. And something that was quickly developed, and "emergency" authorized just gives me pause.

I did it mostly because I fear that races will require proof of vaccination to participate.

Ironman has been pretty good at letting participants know what is going on. They are constantly updating their guidelines on their website, and listing the races that have been affected (and either cancelled or rescheduled).

Mont Tremblant isn't listed.

The border between the US and Canada is still closed (except for "essential travelers"), and there are rumblings that the borders between provinces (like between Ontario and Quebec) will close too. There are requirements for quarantines and testing for those travelers too.

There is also word that just because you are vaccinated would not exempt you from the quarantine and testing requirements.

Canada's Covid cases are spiking again. Ontario initiated another full scale lockdown through May 20.

I have a bad feeling IM Mont Tremblant ain't gonna happen in August. And if it does, they will require vaccination.

If it gets cancelled again, I am ok with that.

As I pedaled my bike on the trainer in the basement for 2 1/2 hours the other day, I realized that maybe this is the triathlon gods telling me I am not meant to do an Ironman.

It doesn't mean I'm going to stop least not until I am told otherwise.

Rumor has it a decision will be made 60 days prior to the race. That means June.

My June race in Massachusetts is still a go (for now), and I am following my coaches plan.

Local sprint triathlons are planned for this summer, and as of now, will be happening.

Other races have already been postponed til the fall (like the Boston Marathon).

If my IM doesn't happen, I'll find some other BHAG to fill in.

My running friends are talking about hiking/running the Taconic Crest Trail. It is roughly 40 miles long, running through southern Vermont, and along the NY/Massachusetts border.

It would not happen all in one least not in my plans.

But I have discovered that I enjoy hiking (and running) in the woods.

The uncertainty of everything with Covid is very stressful. Getting out into the woods has been very calming for me.

Even when I am running.

I think the fact that it is less "busy" makes it so. Especially with so many people out on the rail trails.

And don't get me started on the cars with the distracted drivers. Part of the reason I think my next bike will be a mountain bike, so I can keep riding, and not be killed by someone on the road.

I think what I am trying to say is that I have come to realize that there are just some things that no matter how much you want it, you can't have it.

Like the Rolling Stones song says..."you can't always get want you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need."

What I need is my family. Good friends. A goal.

If the IM isn't what I need, even though I want it, then so be it. I am at peace with the decision.

It doesn’t mean I won’t be disappointed...I am working very hard at my training. But, I am in a good place with whatever the decision may be.

Until then...I will keep training as if it will happen. And who knows, we are still 4 months away. Hopefully it will happen.

If not, bring on the trails, and whatever comes next. Like the Vermont 10 Miler running race.

And my second shot later this week.

I can take it.

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