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I am going away this weekend with the Juggabees, and I CAN NOT WAIT!

To clarify, in case I haven't mentioned them before (doubt it), the Juggabees is the name of my book club. And how we got that name is a story for another time.

We are missing a couple of Juggabees...but we make book club look good!

We have been together for almost 20 years!!! And we have the best times together.

These girls are not anything like my other friends. They are not big on swimming, biking or running. Backpacking is not their first (second or third) choice for a fun weekend. Peeing in the woods would have to be a dire emergency, or a hard NO.

These are my girly girls...they love shopping, eating, wine, and cake!

And once a year, we try to go away for a weekend together.

We are a few years behind due to the pandemic, but this weekend we are all in!


A beach weekend it will be, and the weather looks fabulous. 90s and humid, perfect weather to hang out at the ocean, lay on the beach and drink margaritas!

I have needed this weekend for a while.

We all have.

The pandemic has been rough on us, but we have been always been there for each other.

And after the past couple of months...let's just say I need a weekend away.

I have been driving all over the state the past couple of weeks, and the radio stations are getting a little boring. So, I started listening to podcasts. I don't listen to many, but I do have a couple that I enjoy. They are mostly triathlon or middle aged women health related. But a newer podcast that I have grown fond of is by two moms who started out with short Facebook videos several years ago. They are now a national phenomenon.

Google: "I Mom So Hard".


Anyway, these 2 moms are a freaking riot!

They talk about all kinds of mom stuff. The good, the bad, the ugly, and in a funny way.

Actually in an honest way! The stuff we think about but only wish we could say out loud.

Their short little videos were so funny, and got so many views that they decided to take it on the road. They did a nationwide tour. They even did a Netflix special.

During the pandemic, they began a podcast. Sometimes they post the video of the recording.

I was driving down to one of the museums recently, and I almost had to stop the car I was laughing so hard.... I literally had tears running down my face.

Anyway, I was listening the other day, and the title of that episode was, "I Day Off So Hard". They talked about day drinking, and the experiences they shared, and what a "day off" meant to them.

It's those kind of stories and gut busting laughter that I have with the Juggabees.

Talking about raising our kids, our husbands, our jobs, our co-workers, shopping, clothes, all those things.

With wine and expletives.

Here is a sample of their fun!

On this particular day, they talked about "when" they have a day off, and what that looks like.

Boy could I relate.

They talked about how even though they would love to "do nothing" on their day off...they don't. Because they would feel worse at the end of it. They would feel even more behind.

But they did say, what makes a great day off is doing something that brings them joy! If that means organizing the junk drawer, then taking a walk...that's a great day off.

If it's watching their kid score a touchdown, and having a family sit down dinner...awesome!

Stolling/shopping at a tile store and learning about flooring. Whatever floats your boat.

Again...this makes total sense.

I know that on my days off I have shit I need to get done. And I always feel better making even a small dent in the mountain.

Meals need to be planned for the week.

Groceries need to be purchased for the planned meals.

Laundry needs to be washed, dried, folded and put away.

The house needs to be cleaned at least a little bit so we don't have ants.

That kind of stuff.

But I also need to do something for me. Something that brings me joy.

Testing out a route so I can maybe ride to work some day.

For me that is a bike ride. And unless it is is going to happen.

And if it is raining, it may still be happening, just down in the basement on the trainer (not as joyful, but yet still away from the family).


I say all this, because this weekend I am going away! It is going to be a real, honest to God, time off, and away! The only "chores" to be done ahead of time will be buying a new swimsuit, a blender and alcohol for the weekend.

And the fact I will be hanging out with the Juggabees is going to bring me a great deal of joy!

Even though I "said" I only needed to plan ahead was my swimsuit and booze, what I really meant was that, and everything else.

Like, I made sure that I planned out the meals for the weekend.

I made sure that I purchased the ingredients for said meals.

I made sure that the laundry was at least clean (not folded) for everyone for the weekend.

I made sure that graduation cards were purchased for the party that I will miss this weekend.

Etc, etc., etc.

Why??? Is my husband not capable of making dinner? Can't they buy a card?

J only eats burgers and fries for dinner, so that is so easy. And B will eat pretty much everything, so dump some spaghetti in the pan and throw some sauce on it. Done.

Nope. I made sure that I bought a pork butt that I will put in the crock pot on Friday so they will have pulled pork for the weekend, and they don't have to figure out what's for dinner.


Just because I'm going away for the weekend, doesn't mean my "mom-sense" hasn't gone away.

Regardless, I cannot wait to hit the beach, and blow up the $20 blender I bought just for making margaritas this weekend for my friends.

I seriously cannot wait!

Good lord, how many times can I say "I cannot wait"? I guess one more. You get the idea.

And what happens on a Juggabees weekend...stays at the Juggabees weekend.

One of our first trips -- to Cape Cod!

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