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Trick or Treat!

I love Halloween.

I think I've told you that before.

And this year is already so much better.

13th annual Juggabees Halloween party.

Not only did my book club get together for our annual Halloween Book Club, complete with costumes, but also Trick or Treating will be more "normal" this year.

I'm sure there will still be people practicing social distancing, and wearing non- Halloween masks, and leaving a bowl of candy on a table outside for the kids, but I think this will be the exception.

But this post isn't about that. At least not entirely.

Not only is Halloween one of my favorite holidays, autumn is probably my favorite season.

It can have warmer days, and cooler nights. And the color of the leaves just takes my breath away.

There tends to be less precipitation in the fall than other months.

But there is also the potential for monster storms, like Hurricane Sandy, and "Snowtober"

Yes...that is what it looked like the day after 13 inches of snow fell, before all the leaves were off the trees. October 29, 2011.

Anyway, the weather is awesome!

Today, is Halloween. And today, I went for a run. I did not dress up.

The treat was that it was beautiful out. A few clouds, and warm--maybe 55-60 degrees!

The other treat was to see all the decorations. The ghost flying over a neighbor's house is always awesome!

Someone else was getting a treat too...Willie. (Sorry for the language in the video.)

It had been a few weeks since I had seen Willie, and I was a little worried.

Had the Department of Environmental Protection taken him away?

Had he moved on to other, more lucrative, neighborhoods?

Had he had gone to hibernate already?


I was running, didn't even notice him until he turned his head and looked at me.

I was within 10 feet of him.

The video is of him (and I zoomed in), after I had passed and calmed down a little.

He's eating whatever fruit is on those trees.

Its' good to see Wille back, but not that close.

I continued my run, and headed out of that neighborhood into a different one. I knew I'd have to come back through there, but I would go around that section to get home.

When I made it back through, Willie was up by my entrance back into that neighborhood.

Sorry no picture of him again.

He was just making his way up the road, fattening up for the winter. No big deal...nothing to see here.

I finished my 5+ mile run, and wondered how many more times I'd get to see him.

It may have been a trick...but it was also certainly a treat to see him again.

Happy Halloween everyone! And hope you have lots of treats...and no tricks!

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