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Spring is here!

This weekend was the first weekend of Spring!

And it felt like it! 60 degree temps all weekend and bright sunshine with not a cloud in the sky.

Along with that, it felt like the world (at least my part of the world) was starting to open up a little.

Restrictions due to Covid were relaxed this week, meaning that many businesses could begin to have a more "normal" opportunity to thrive. Gyms, hair salons, and restaurants could start letting more people in (with masks and social distancing of course). We were "allowed" to gather outside in larger numbers.

My book club planned to meet in April (woo hoo!)

The timeline for when access to the vaccines were also updated. I am now eligible to be vaccinated, once I navigate the websites(!) and find an appointment.

In the meantime, training has continued.

Over the past week, I logged over 76 miles in a little over 8 hours. This includes bike workouts, runs, and strength training. It also includes some walks in the neighborhood with the family, and a 3 mile "hike" with B over to his Scout patrol meeting and back.

And I still haven't gotten in the pool yet. Here is hoping that with the easing of restrictions, I can get that in.

All in all, everything seems to be going well.

Whether or not we will race this year is still somewhat up in the air, but I guess that is to be expected until a majority of the population gets vaccinated.

I am finding that even though I am only 3 weeks into training, I am busy all the time it seems. I'm not sure how slowing increasing my training to 15 hours a week will impact things, considering I'm already feeling a little frazzled.

But I am ready for the challenge.

I am finding the support from my friends and family is very encouraging--and it helps. The feedback from my coach is great!

Positive reinforcement.

So, this all means that my posts may be a little shorter, and a little fewer and farther between. But know this...this blog has definitely helped me put into words feelings and emotions over the past several months that I couldn't express otherwise.

And throwing it out to the world makes me vulnerable...which is what I need right now. Because when I get to the starting line in 5 months (YIKES!), vulnerable is definitely what I'll be. But I'll also have the knowledge and the training to take that vulnerability and channel it to success!

I can't wait to hear, "Jodi, You are an Ironman!"

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