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Rain, rain, go away...come again, next May.

It has been raining pretty much non stop since July 1. And that includes a Tropical Storm that paid a quick visit.

I don't mind the fact, I enjoy running in the rain more than when it is dry.

I know I'm crazy.

But this is getting ridiculous.

There are some pretty good thunderstorms in these bands of rain that come through, and that has caused some damage around our area. We've been spared fortunately.

It's tough getting the open water swims in when there are thunderstorms in the area, and riding my bike while it is pouring outside isn't a good idea either.

I think we all are getting a little stir crazy.

But, I am optimistic. It looks like the rain may stop in the next few days.

Thank goodness.

Here's the thing about the rain. I do like running in it...but not all the time.

The grey skies, and damp conditions gets old after awhile. And I'm at that point where enough is enough.

It is starting to effect my sunny personality.

That's sarcasm right there.

Here's the thing. I am beginning to get the "I don't want to" feeling.

I don't want to go run in the rain again.

I don't want to go down in the basement and ride on the trainer.

I don't want to use the swim cords, or go to the indoor pool.

I have a case of the "I don't want to's".

I don't want to do the laundry. I don't want to go shopping for food for the week. I don't want to cook dinner.

Part of it has to do with the weather. It is just depressing.

I really want to crawl back into bed, and read books all day. And stupid books...the kind I don't have to think about at all, like cheesy romance novels, not the biographies and non-fiction books I typically read.

But, I know the a lot of it has to do with the cancellation of the BHAG.

I have experienced this feeling before, after my very first triathlon.

I finished that first local sprint tri, and felt awesome. But the next morning, I felt...blah. I just didn't want to do anything.

I had contacted the coach of the training program that got me and 20 other people ready for that triathlon. I asked her if this was normal.


Getting ready for my second ever triathlon.

You accomplished your goal. You are "coming off the high."

What's next?

She told me to go for a bike ride. Just ride. Don't try to meet a goal, just ride for fun. And contact her the next day.

A.k.a. "take two aspirin and call me in the morning."

I followed her advice. I felt better.

What did she tell me to do the next day?

Go for a run. And contact her the next day.

I did...and I felt even better. Next? Go for a swim. And contact her the next day.

Next thing I know, not only am I feeling better, but I have signed up for the next sprint tri the following week.

This time...I have a Half Ironman in less than 4 weeks. I need to keep focused, and on track. This is a good opportunity to work on my mental strength. To push through the "I don't want to's". Because, in an Ironman, the "I don't want to's" will definitely arise at some point in the race.

And even though the Ironman isn't going to happen (which I think is why I'm feeling a little lost and blue, along with the rain), I still need to keep moving forward. I need to keep working toward my goals.

It isn't like before where I had nothing to work toward on the horizon. I have a whole bunch of stuff coming up.

This week, I took a day away with a couple of friends. We were to the beach. We went for a run. We played in the surf. We got sunburn, even though it was cloudy most of the day, and foggy all of it. It was glorious!

It may have helped get me back on track.

I also think that taking a few weeks off and heading to Michigan to visit my family in August will also be just what the doctor ordered. It will be a good time to refresh.

I just need to get through the next couple of weeks...and keep training for the next triathlon.

Now if the weather would cooperate...I'd like to go swim today please.

Our "Mom's Day Away!" My friends and I heading "home" from a day at the beach.

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