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Needing a plan

This week I officially started Ironman training.

Last year, when word came that racing would not happen in 2020, my coach and I decided to part ways, and pick up next year.

Well, next year is here.

This Monday, training began. She sends me workouts through a training software program, and I complete them. Using my Garmin watch, or cycling computer, the data is then uploaded so she can see it, and make adjustments, to the workout plan. She also can make comments or ask questions about my workout.

I sooooooo need a plan.

I figured out a long time ago, I do much better when I am accountable to someone else. I know what I need to do to complete an Ironman. In fact, if I didn't, I could spend $30 on Amazon, and buy a book that would give me several different plans.

I tried that. It didn't work.

I need not only someone to be accountable to, but also someone that can give me feedback. One thing I really enjoy about my coach is the feedback.

My husband and kids give me feedback, but I don't always listen to them.

Even though we only worked together for a few months last year, I received lots a feedback on my workouts: when to push, when to rest. She also provided information on nutrition, what to do when I got sick, what to do when the whole family got sick (but not me).

I do pay for this, but the amount of interaction I get is worth it.

My coach is a little older than me, and has completed many Ironman races. She knows what it takes to finish, and finish strong.

She knows what its like to juggle work, home life, menopause, friendships, training and racing.

She is awesome.

Now, again, we only worked together for about 3 months last year, so my training program had not gotten into the really hard stuff yet.

This year, we are starting a month later than last year. We still don't know if races will happen. We are all cautiously optimistic. I feel pretty good that my June race here in the Northeast will happen.

I am not that confident about my Ironman in Quebec. Who knows if the border will even be open by August?

That reminds me...I'd better make sure all our passports are up to date.

I know that the Ironman organization did offer refunds for this year's race. We needed to let them know last year in the fall. I figured why not, "let it ride."

I am excited to get back into training. I need the structure. I need to know what I am going to do.

I can't wing it any longer.

Now I need to get into the pool...if I can find one that has a scheduled opening when I am available.

Or I can just wait until the ice goes out on the lake. Should be sometime in April the way this winter has gone.

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