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Did you get the license # of that truck?

Recently, my husband visited his father in Florida.

No big deal, he has had work trips before, so it will just be similar to pre-Covid times.

WOW! What truck just ran over me?

This should be easier...the boys are older. They can do more things themselves. They don't need me as much.

True, but also wrong.

For the past Covid year, my husband has worked from home. Instead of catching the bus into work before the boys got out of bed, now he helps get them going, making sure they eat their breakfast, backpacks packed, ready to go when the bus arrives.

It has been wonderful. It has allowed me to not run ragged, especially since this school year J is now in Middle School, and B is still in elementary. Instead of everyone getting up at the same time, and getting on the bus together (or close to it, J takes a van), now J has to get up an hour earlier than before, and catches the van 45 minutes earlier than last year.

B has just started eating his breakfast as J walks out the door.

And did I mention I am NOT a morning person.

My hubby has stepped up. He knows I am a barely functional person at 6am, so he wakes up J, and sits on the couch with him while he eats his Cheerios and watches some train show, or documentary about the Queen Mary, or some other form of transportation (today was about the DC3).

After school, same thing! He has met the boys as they get off the van/bus. If he is in a meeting, they know to be quiet, take care of their things, get themselves a snack, and relax. He comes and checks on them when he is done.

This has been wonderful!

I have been able to work extra hours during this time, partly because the bike shop is so busy, as well as understaffed currently. I don't have to rush home to meet B's bus. It has also allowed me to focus on my workouts, and not rush through them.

Also, if there is a snow day or remote learning day, I can still go to work and not take the day off.

J and B helping shovel during our first storm. We got about 12 inches total..

However, while he was gone, we had a couple snowstorms. The boys have been great helping to shovel the driveway. We had a snow day/remote learning day, which meant I had to take the day off work to stay home with them, but it was nice. I made sure everyone logged on at the right time for their classes. I also worked around the house, continuing the "Great Purge" of removing unwanted clutter.

I also made a pot of Sausage and Kale soup, and a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I did Stay-at-Home Mom stuff.

When they were done with school, we played outside in the snow after we shoveled.

I am feeling lower back is not happy with me. But it was worth it.

Which reminds me...I need to buy more ibuprofen!

My husband needed the time away. He needed to check on his dad, and he just needed a break from everything. I hope he played some golf, sat in the hot tub, and relaxed.

How did I do all this before? How did I think I was going to do all this last year, and train for an Ironman?

It is amazing how quickly you forget the hustle and bustle when you have help.

Hubby has always helped out. When the boys were babies, he'd get up in the middle of the night to change a diaper, or calm them down if they had a bad dream.

I picked a winner...even though he can drive me crazy sometimes.

So, while the week was challenging at times, we came through mostly unscathed. No one killed each other; everyone helped out; we had a bunch of fun!

Life will get back to normal, and training will begin to ramp up. I couldn't really get my longer runs in...I just didn't feel comfortable leaving them for longer than a hour. But I still rode my bike, and still did my strength training.

Did I mention I shoveled snow...a lot of snow. That counts as cross training, right?

I love the snow, but it can hold off until he returns...and he can shovel.

Pretty sky after storm #3. Only 4 inches with this one.

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