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BHAG day…

I'm sitting here, watching Tropical Storm Henri batter New England, and wondering what if.

Today, I was supposed to be racing Ironman Mont-Tremblant, and celebrating my 50th (51st) birthday Big Audacious Hairy Goal!

Even though it was cancelled almost 2 months ago, it is still on my calendar as race day.

The hard part of this is the constant wondering...

What if?

Not only that, but after Rev3 New England, which had me really questioning longer distance triathlons, I'm really wondering.

Since then, I've enjoyed a couple of weeks of "relaxing".

The boys and I took of to visit friends and family in Michigan. And, I got to surprise my best friends.

I did run once, but that was it.

I was hoping to run this morning before the storm hit, but I didn't. I just didn't want to.

I got the "I don't wanna's" again.

I'm out of my routine.

I need to get back into it, and soon, because I have a 1/2 marathon coming up in 5 weeks.

But today is all about making sure we stay safe, and thinking about what I would be doing if we still weren't in the middle of a pandemic.

I should be riding my bike right now. Ideally, about 40-50 miles into my 112 mile ride.

I know that throughout the day, I will think about where I should be in the route up in Canada, but for now, I will watch the weather reports, pray my family and friends stay safe, and just reflect on what if.

Because looking at the future radar…I don’t think I’ll be swimming, biking or running until tomorrow.

Be safe everyone!

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