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Another Covid Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we near the end of year two of Covid, and another altered Holiday season, things are looking a little different, but also a little more normal.

This year, my nieces joined us for Turkey Day!

I did not burn down the house last year, nor end up in the hospital with salmonella poisoning from under cooked Turkey, so I guess I have this somewhat figured out.

And they have decided to risk it.

Bless their hearts.

If nothing else, we will have toast, pretzels, popcorn and jelly beans, just like a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

My nephew came over on Friday to hang out with us, and entertain the boys. He and his future bride are good sports, and I'm sure had fun.

Also more, "normal" is that our town's holiday celebration is back!

Saturday evening, the "Main Street" is shut down to traffic, as carolers stroll and sing. There are crafters and exhibitors. There is food and fun. And Santa is back, except now instead of sitting on his lap for a photo, we "social distance" and take a selfie.

But the best part of the night (at least for me and my boys) is the Fire Truck Parade!

About 7:15, the Main Street slowly starts to clear out, with everyone finding a spot on the side of the road. About 7:30, the parade begins!

Fire Trucks from our town, and many surrounding towns, decorated with lights and other holiday images slowly process down the road to the delight of all.

Fire fighters hand out candy and wave to the crowds.

The last time they held the parade was in 2019.

The last truck always carries Santa.

And that year, it was extra exciting.

Santa had just started his run down the parade route, when people started shouting about a fire. A small chimney fire has started in a restaurant, housed in a historic building, on the parade route.

Santa and his fire fighter elves happened to be right at the driveway entrance.

Santa's fire truck pulling in to fight a chimney fire in 2019. You can just make it out behind the two front chimneys.

As were we!

They quickly turned in, tossed off the reindeer, hoisted the ladder, and began to fight the fire.

Santa the hero!

Luckily, there was minimal damage, but it was quite a shocker to see Santa in the bucket with a hose.

Thankfully this year, we missed that kind of excitement.

When the parade ends, many of the trucks park on the side of the road so people can have a closer look at the decorations. And those who participated in the parade are rewarded with a party at the main fire house in town.

It is pretty cool to see, and to talk to the fire fighters.

Then it's time for the fireworks!

Across the street is a large field, which is also the performing arts center. It is the perfect spot for a large crowd to watch the show!

It is awesome! And a great way to start off the season!

This year we had some new activities too.

This is B's first year in Scouts, and his troop sells Christmas trees to support their activities.

He is so excited. He is a natural born salesman!

So for a couple of hours before the fire truck parade, B and Dad hung out, just about where the parade begins.

With everyone talking about all the shortages this year, it is expected that they will sell out of trees before December 15.

There are bringing in 402 trees from Canada.

With all the craziness that this time of year brings, I always remember to be grateful for all that we have.

We are so happy to be able to share the holiday with our nieces and nephew. We are full of gratitude for another year of health, and more "normalcy". We cherish the time we have together and are thankful even if we drive each other crazy.

It is family don't you know.

Hopefully next year will be 100% back to normal, but for now, we will make it as normal as we can.

Again, I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Now let the craziness of the Holiday Season begin!!!

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