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Keeping it all together...

Today I did not run.

I did not ride my bike.

I did not swim.

I did not lift weights, or do squats or planks.

Instead, I ran around the house like a crazy person. Or at least that's what I think I looked like.

And I am just mad all the time.

I can't explain it. Well maybe I can...I am being pulled in 18 different directions...none of which I want to go in.

On my "day off", I have to work around the house...laundry, cleaning, going to the grocery store, etc. With day off means that I can't "do" everything I need to get done, let alone the things that I want to do.

I need to "keep it down" because my husband is working from home, and has a call (or several). So, the vacuuming needs to wait.

I can't "do" laundry, because it is 100 degrees outside, and the dryer happens to be in the "office" space, so it gets even hotter and hotter in the house.

I can't bring the boys with me to the grocery store, because they are requesting only 1 person per household do the shopping...but the boys get a little rambunctious...which irritates the majority bread winner of the household (located in the office/laundry area). Let's face it...THEY ARE BOYS!!!!

When I do go to the grocery store...since I'm already a little peeved, I get more peeved when no one seems to follow the one way signs, arrows, markers located everywhere. Let alone, wear a mask.

Now, sidebar...don't get me wrong, I am a staunch supporter of personal responsibility, rights and freedoms, but just follow the damn rules folks. They aren't random or arbitrary. They've been in place for months now. Just do it.

Today...besides having to do all my regular tasks (and don't tell me to make my kids and husband help out...they do), I am now trying to prepare for the school year, or what there will be of it.

My eldest, J, is 12. He is super (!) excited about starting middle school this year. He has been excited about it since September of last year. He is high functioning autistic. You may not even know he is on the spectrum, but trust me, he is. He also has ADHD, which really can put him into high gear. He will talk your ear off, usually about trains or something history related. But he can also turn on a dime. He cna be Jekyll and Hyde.

He needs his ADHD meds. He also needs to get checked out by an allergist, because why not throw some major food allergies into the mix. That got rescheduled to the end of the month. Now just calling all the various doctors to make sure I have all the forms I need so I can then go online to fill out the registration.

Did I mention we had a pretty rocking tropical storm blow through here last week? Oh, we did. Power is still out in some parts of the state. We got lucky...many others did not. The allergist got hit, hence the reschedule for 3 weeks later. The pediatrician got hit too...therefore his script didn't go through.

First world problems, right.

Anyway...I'm just trying to do what I need to do, to keep this listing ship from sinking.

We all have our own way of dealing with what's going on. Part of the reason I decided to start this little blog. I trust that today will eventually end, and I will get everything done that is a priority (we all have enough clothes, so the laundry can wait a couple of days. I have leftovers for dinner tonight).

I think in the meantime, since everything is done that I can get done...I may go for a run.

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