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FOMO 2022

FOMO = "Fear Of Missing Out."

I'm always in FOMO mode. Even more so now with starting a new job.

View of Hartford, behind my desk. Fortunately, my desk is oriented to look away from the view.

I have made it through the first 2 weeks in my new position as Curator of Education. I haven't locked myself out of the office (it's all key card based now), nor have I forgotten my ID. Luckily, I have been working from home mostly, so that helps.

We've had our first staff retreat (again, remotely), so now I have a better understanding of just what my job is, and what I need to do. I am lucky that it is a very team oriented group, with lots of helping each other and collaboration. It will take some time, but it is going to be great.

However, I keep wondering--what is going on in my former life?

I miss catching up with my bicycle shop buddies about the latest technology, how's the supply chain issues, and what top cyclist is (or isn't) coming to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the Cyclocross World Championships in a few weeks.

I know that I will be missing out on some of the triathlons that I like to do. For example, with the DNF at the Patriot Half last year, I was planning on attempting the 2022 edition. I won't be heading to that race in 2022.

I was also hoping to go back to the Women's Tri which usually happens around Labor Day. The last time I compete in 2019, I won my age group! It looks like it will not happen this year due to a lack of sponsors.

I see my Triathlon friends posting their upcoming 2022 race schedule on Facebook. I am a little jealous, and a lot FOMO.

And there are my running friends. We haven't gotten together to run since before Christmas. Part of it is, one is injured, but the other is scheduling. I need to figure out when to workout with my new schedule...partly to just to stay in shape with the new work hours, and sitting on my butt most of the time, but also to keep my sanity. That, so far, has been challenging. The scheduling part, not the sanity. That is still ok for now.

The Gravel Bike I'm looking at, the Kona Rove!

I was also hoping to look into a couple other races this summer...maybe even some gravel bicycle races, since I'm looking into a new gravel bike. But I don't think that will happen either. Plus, I don't have a bike--yet.

I do have a trail running race, that I am a quite excited about, but I do need to get going on the training for that. I'd like to look into another trail race, but will see.

See, I am having a serious case of FOMO!

But I know I need to take it easy this year. I'm starting a new job. I have no idea what is in store. Throw in the latest version of Covid, and who knows what this year holds.

What I do know is that I have a couple of running races I am signed up for. I do know that I will either be backpacking or gravel riding at some point this year. I do know that my family will support me no matter what.

I do know that I should not worry about missing out.

Oh, but that is oh, so hard to do.

I am learning how to adapt. That's what humans do pretty well.

We had our first snow day this school year, and since no one was going anywhere, I got up and jumped on my bike, and spent an half hour virtually zipping around Richmond, Virginia before starting my work day. That definitely helped jump start my day, and did not have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to do it.

A couple of friends who work full time suggested going out for a run on my lunch hour.

So today, I did.

We have had a little cold snap this week, but today it was warmer.

If you look at the bottom of my stats, you'll see the weather. This was significantly warmer than yesterday, when I tried to go for a walk, and made it half way around the neighborhood before calling it quits.

Yesterday it said it was Sunny, 11 degrees, but feels like -2, with a 10 mph wind from the Northwest.

Yup, yesterday was C.O.L.D!

Today actually felt not too bad.

I dressed warmly, knowing it was still cold, and covered up every inch of me. In the end, I was toasty warm...almost too much so, that I uncovered my face after the first mile.

Mission accomplished...for now.

When I start having to go into the office, or out to the museums, then I'll have to figure out something else, but for now, I'm slowly getting into the swing of things.

And I am still suffering from FOMO, but that is what Instagram and Facebook is for right? To live vicariously through all your friends and see what they are up to?

Not today. Today I ran! And it was great! Just like the weather, and my new/old career!

More snow and cold is on the horizon, so if I have to, I'll hide out in the basement on my bike and keep riding virtually. Or, maybe I'll try to find my ice spikes, and head our into the woods for a trail run.

Or maybe I'll just spend some time with the family and just relax and watch some hockey or a movie.

The possibilities are endless.

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