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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Sorry faithful followers...I've been MIA for a bit.

A recent Women's Wednesday ride

I thought I'd take a moment to catch you up on the last 3 months...its been a little crazy.

May 1st hit, and the museums opened for the season...which meant my lovely Monday through Friday job, turned into a Thursday through Monday position.

Don't get me is actually really nice having 2 days in the middle of the week as a weekend, but it also means that I miss out on a lot of stuff, and honestly, does any Mom ever get a "weekend"?

But I digress...the museums are open, and fortunately, we are fully staffed! Each museum has a full complement of seasonal staff, which means I can focus more on the collections and helping out where needed.

It also means, my weekly Women's bike rides are back!!! The cool part is that word has spread, and many more ladies are coming out to ride! I love it! A little more stressful, because now instead on 1 or 2 people with me, I now have to keep track of 10 or more! I shouldn't complain, because it is actually awesome that this is happening.

Also during this time, I made some big decisions about...ME.

First, my shoulder has been bothering me more than ever, and after 3 months of PT and strength training a decision was made that it was time to get an MRI, to see what is really going on in there. Unfortunately, everyone was simple terms, I have a torn rotator cuff.

It is making progress...not as quickly as I'd like, but it is considerably better than when I started in February--when it hurt just sitting still doing nothing. At the time of the MRI, it was still bothersome, but I could do most things with little or no discomfort. In order to strengthen it more, and hopefully get to a point where it is functional with no pain, PT, or surgery, I got a cortisone shot. That has helped immensely.

The second decision I made about ME involved tattoos.

After years of thinking about it, I finally pulled the trigger, and I have my mom, and her cousins to thank. They decided to get them last fall. And I love their design.

The design they chose was the Armenian eternity symbol. It was exactly what I had been searching for. I couldn't get what they had (copycat), but their choice inspired mine. Not only that, but I also decided (again after years of consideration) on the where I'd put it...and it truly had to do with ME.

I wanted to enjoy it. I wanted to see it. I didn't want to have to look in a mirror or twist my back, or look at my ankle. And I didn't ask for permission. In fact, I didn't tell anyone until after I got it.

I just did it! And I love it!

It is on my left arm on my bicep, but on the inside. I can look down and there it is.

It is called the Arevakhach or Armenian Sun Cross. My Medzmama (great-grandmother) gave me the Armenian name Areveek. I'm not exactly sure how it is spelled, but she said it meant sunshine. I think that's why the Arevakhach really spoke to me.

Now, I want more!

I already have thoughts on what I want and where. I want to celebrate my boys (all of them--that includes my husband) and all that they mean to me.

Speaking of celebrations...I also had an opportunity to celebrate US! My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in April. All I wanted was a trip with him--just the 2 of us--and new everyday dishes.

D and I at Thingvellir National Park!

I didn't get the dishes. 🤣

But, I did get the trip...out first that was just the two of us, with no family, or going to visit family, since out honeymoon. (We did celebrate out 10th anniversary with a trip to Hawaii. My brother-in-law was stationed there so we stayed with them, and they showed us all the interesting spots on Oahu--it was great, but still family).

I did some research and found the most extraordinary trip to Iceland! 15 days on the Ring Road, with a small boutique and unique tour company.

Their tagline is "No Crybabies, Cranks or Pantywaists!" Now that's my kind of tour company.

The owner comes along, and she takes us to the tourist spots (at times when the crowds are significantly less), but also shows us Iceland through the eyes of the locals. It is truly a magical place.

D and I standing at the foot of one of the tongues of the Vatnajokull glacier!

And I think my husband and I came back refreshed, renewed, and our marriage even stronger. We definitely needed this getaway to a place that was absolutely amazing in so many ways!

Side note...we couldn't have done it without my mom. She watched the boys for us, since they were still in school. I think she remembered how to do all the things mom's do...bus driver, laundress, short order cook, nurse, etc. However, I'm sure she spoiled them rotten, as she should, she's Grandma.

And as I tell my boys all the time, especially when they get mad at me..."My mom is better than your mom."

This is a video that one of our fellow travelers made of our trip. It is just a small sampling of our time there.

This tour of Iceland I will never forget...and I would love to go back and see it again. I hope that I will. I already have bunch of raffle tickets to go back next year with this company.

Once we returned, we jumped right back into life. Finishing up school, heading back to work, and preparing for what the summer will bring--camps, Extended School Year, the new Indiana Jones movie, etc.

Overall, as I said, its been a whirlwind. And it really hasn't stopped, but I know that these times go by so fast. I talk to my friends who have kids only a few years older. They can't believe their kids are out of the nest, nor how big my kids have grown.

Yes...I am now the shortest in the family.

Through it all, the trip and all the other things from this spring have given me a renewed outlook on life, love, and myself. It's time to be more true to my nature.

I'm a loud mouth, boy-ish woman, who loves sports, swear words, and enjoying life to the absolute fullest.

But I am also a little shy, and introverted. Don't's true. It is quite difficult for me to interact with people. It truly isn't natural. But once I am introduced, I can fake it until I make it. And if you make it to my inner circle of friends, I have your back forever.

So that's the scoop. Now, I need to go do my PT exercises...and I probably should start running again. I have another Vermont 10 Miler in November, and as I can attest...those hills do not run themselves.

Til next time. Be true to yourself.

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