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Just keep swimming...

Updated: May 18, 2021

I finally got back into the pool.

It has been over year since I have done an actual swim workout, aka laps!

And I didn't drown.

In fact, it went surprisingly well. I guess all the strength exercises and swim band workouts have paid off.

Unfortunately, I need to make an appointment to reserve a lane, and I am only allowed 30 minutes. Not a great way to work on my endurance, since I anticipate I'll be swimming for at least an hour and a half straight to complete 2.4 miles during an Ironman.

Which reminds me, I'm still not sure I will be doing an Ironman.

But one thing I do 1/2 Ironman on June 19 is a go! (see notice above!!!!!)

Just part of the reason getting back in the pool is so important...and if it would ever warm up, I could go swim in the lake too. I only need to swim 1.2 miles for a half.

Also, running races are a go too.

My running friends and I are all signed up for the Vermont 10 Miler in November. We have done this race before, and it is a good one. Plus, you never know what to expect weather wise. The first year we did it, a nice rain storm came through, and we lost power in the condo. Then, at the race, it was pretty chilly with snowflakes in the air.

But it was beautiful...and difficult. Yes, that is snow in the background!

The photo above from the Vermont 10 Miler website, was the 2nd annual race. It was also the last time the race happened.

We signed up for the 2019 race, but the race was completely cancelled...rain storms had washed out parts of the course, including the main road!

Last year was Covid, so no race.

But this time, it will be fun. I know the course, I'll be trained for it for sure (even if my IM doesn't happen), and I will just enjoy the suck, I mean hills.

Maybe I mean mountains, since it is in Stowe, Vermont, in the middle of the Green Mountains.

Anyway, everything seems to be picking up, and opening up.

We are only a month away from the end of the school year.

Restrictions on businesses are being relaxed. There are even announcements for concerts this summer. There will be baseball games at the minor league park, with fans in the stadium (socially distanced of course).

Life is slowly getting back to "normal", but with masks for now.

Now if I could only get a pool lane for an hour. Baby steps.

P.S. If no one is waiting for your lane, you get to keep swimming!!! Woo hoo, I got my entire workout done!

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