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Back in the saddle again

I has been 3 weeks since Rev3 New England

Since that time, I've run one time. That's it.

Granted, I took the boys and flew back to Michigan for 2 weeks. It had been 3 years since we had been back to see family and friends. Partly due to a family vacation in 2019 out west, but mostly due to Covid...oh, and there was the BHAG thing that was supposed to happen too.

Anyway, it was wonderful going back. I am always happier when I am back in Michigan. Maybe it is because I am not at work, or that I am around my mom and other family.

Or it's just that I love Michigan.

Instead of traveling all over the state like we usually do, we stuck close to "home". But that didn't mean we didn't do and see al lot of great stuff!

We hit the beach and played in Lake Michigan.

We saw an ore boat come into port. And the cool part was this particular ore boat is famous. Not because of anything she did, but because of who she happened to be following on a fateful night in November 1975.

The Arthur M. Anderson was following the Edmund Fitzgerald, and was the last boat to have contact with her before her sinking.

We even got to meet her "Relief Engineer" who would board the Anderson after she dropped off her load, and headed back out to the Lake for her next trip.

Watching the 800 foot board come into the channel was pretty cool. Meeting the engineer was really cool. Hearing the "Master's Salute" to the Coast Guard as she slipped by was a bonus.

We played in West a fun park, driving go carts; visiting the public museum, relaxing at a friends pool.

I had the opportunity to surprise my best friend and show up at her daughter's graduation party. I hadn't seen her in person in 5 years!

I attended my cousin's virtual baby shower with my family both near and far.

I visited the local bike shop in town and talked bikes with those they are doing, how they like their computer program, how they are surviving Covid.

And I much as I could with 2 boys running around, and my mother wrestling with them.

And I really did nothing. Oh, I did run once.

But now, I am back at home. School starts this week. And I am 2 weeks from a backpacking trip in New Hampshire, and 4 weeks from a half marathon.

I'd better get moving.

So I did. I ran 6 miles Saturday, and rode my bike for an hour Sunday. I ran 3 miles yesterday.

Today, I will do something. Maybe some strength training, maybe riding my bike. Oh and work.

It will be busy, busy, busy, but I am used to it. This is nothing compared to training for an Ironman, even if it didn't happen.

School starts tomorrow for the boys. Summer is over. But the adventures aren't done.

Gotta keep on moving this old body.

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