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Just a few days from now, I will be on the starting line at my first triathlon in almost 2 years!

Posted this week was information about the race course, the changes that has been made to the course from past years, as well as information about the aid stations (and how COVID has impacted what will be available).

This is also known as the "Athlete Guide". And it is 20 pages of everything you could possibly want to know about the race you are about to engage.

It is hard to believe that racing is back!

In watching all the videos provided by the race director, it is quite obvious that they are very excited about hosting us, as well as very serious about making sure racers are safe (both from traffic, and COVID).

In the meantime, I need to finish my tapering, and try to find all the things I'll need for race day.

West Hill Lake where I practice swimming

I've gotten in some beautiful swims, and good runs. And I just love riding my bike.

But, where did I put everything over the past 2 years???

Fortunately, much of what I need, I've been using during training.

Wetsuit, goggles, swimcap ✔

Bike, shoes, helmet, water bottles ✔

Running shoes, sunglasses, hydration belt ✔

Different nutrition needs/food ✔

I got it all.

But, where did I put my bag that all this stuff fits into a backpack?

Where is my race helmet?

Where is my tri suit?

How do I use my new triathlon watch in a triathlon...not just for a swim or run separately?

I got some work to do this week.

But, I feel good. I know I've done a lot of training over the past 4 months--I think significantly more than I have ever before. I have definitely "done the work".

Now to put everything into practice.

One thing that I am worried about is my nutrition. During a triathlon, you need to both fuel and hydrate, or you will "bonk". That means, your body will not obey you, and you will be finished racing. If you bonk hard enough, you may end up in the med tent with an IV in your arm.

I have not bonked like that, but I also know that I have never quite gotten my nutrition correct for this distance.

I have been trying new things, and my coach has been very helpful with how many calories, sodium, and liquid I need to be getting into my body each hour.

A visit to my favorite tree helps settle my nerves.

Figuring out what I need is tough for me. I am not a numbers person, so looking at how many calories, and how much sodium I need per hour makes my head spin.

But I think I have it mostly figured out. And the race will be the final exam.

If I nail my nutrition and hydration, I'm going to have a great race! If is going to suck, but I'm not going to DNF (Did Not Finish).

I've done the DNF thing before...and it did not make me happy. I'm not planning on ever doing that again.

So, this week, I will take it easy on my training, shorter rides, runs and swims. I will locate all the things I need for the race, and get them packed up.

I can't wait!

Look out Patriot Half I come!

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