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Time to Tri

Tri season started several weeks ago, but I was not part of the frenzy.

In fact, I am not registered for a single triathlon this year.

But, that is about to change.

The ladies are off at the Lake Terramuggus sprint Tri. I'm out there somewhere...c. 2017.

Every 2 weeks, there is a small, local sprint triathlon about an half hour from my house. I try to do at least one of these every year. Sometimes I do several.

I haven't done this race since 2019.

Covid cancelled all of 2020, and I was focusing on the BHAG in 2021, although that was cancelled too.

With nothing on the calendar this year, except a couple of running races...and me just trying to figure out the new job, my schedule, and this new body I am working with, is now really the time to head to the lake and enjoy a swim, bike and run?

August 2019. The last time I did this race.

I haven't trained for it. Sure, I've been doing some running, swimming and biking, but not in any structured way.

And definitely not with a triathlon in mind.

B told me that I had too.

He said that I love triathlon, and I haven't done one in a long time.

I love this kid!

If I'm ever doubting myself...I just need to talk to him.

Tomorrow is the last one of the series. They usually go into August, but their Olympic distance will be in a few weeks, and that will end the season for this small homegrown race.

And I'm feeling a little left out. I'm having a case of the FOMOs. (Fear Of Missing Out)

Facebook is reminding me that my triathlon friends are already planning their next year's races. Ironman Lake Placid was this past weekend. Ironman Mont Tremblant is in 4 weeks.

The 2022 Tour de France Men's Podium!

The Tour de France just ended, and the long awaited Tour de France Femmes has started (the first time in 33 years!)

The Tour always gets me excited about racing. July is when I start to wonder why am I training?

Watching those guys practically sprint up mountains gets me a little excited.

I know, weird, and TMI!

But this year's race was exciting, and the reigning 2-time champion was dethroned.

A few hours before the men finished on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, the women finished their first stage of 8.

Stage 2 winner...Marianne Vos!

And stage 2 was even better!

So that, along with my friends posting their 2023 races, got me a little fired up.

Sure, I'm probably going to have to walk part of the run course...I usually do. There is a stupid steep hill almost immediately as you come out of transition from the bike to the run.

But that is what is great about triathlon.

Who cares....

These small races are really more about friendship, encouragement, and having fun. It is more about finishing than winning...actually, finishing is winning.

The weather here has been extremely hot and humid, and we are now in a drought. The water in the lake will be very warm...almost too warm. But all that means is I don't have to try and squeeze myself into my wetsuit.

I'm not a big fan of racing in the heat and humidity.

And, I do need to see if any of my tri suits fit. I know last year, several of them were starting to wear out.

Hopefully I have one that not only I can fit into, but also won't show off too much.

Right now, it is looking ok for racing. The weather is questionable, with 50% chance of storms. And also a 50% chance I may have to work.

But I am optimistic that I won't have to work, and the weather will hold off.

Plus, B told me I have to do it.

Unfortunately, my husband and boys won't be there to cheer me on, but that's ok. There will be other races in the future.

I am hitting the register button tonight. Worse case...I have to work, and I lose $30. Best case...I go and have fun.'s time to suit up and get going. This is pretty much my last chance for this season.

He said that I love triathlon, and I haven't done this one in a long time. e. . n this I can get my butt out there and tri!

Cheers ladies. Vive le Tour! Vive le Tour Femme! Vive le Triathlon!

July 22, 2022 Daily Cover of Sports Illustrated

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