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BHAG is back!

Today I received my official email from Ironman about the 2021 Ironman Mont-Tremblant deferral.

For those who've been with me from the beginning (like 6 weeks ago), the Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) was to complete an Ironman triathlon in 2020...when I turned 50 years old. Covid ruined the BHAG.

But, when the news came out back in May (unofficially), and officially in June, I had already told myself that I would just do it next year. No big deal. It will be my 51st birthday present to myself instead of 50th.

Well, here it is. It's official. The BHAG is back baby!

And just like a little over a year ago, I am petrified.

Over the Covid year, my fitness has been on a huge downturn. Not only that, I have been eating a lot of ice cream, and I discovered Truly alcoholic seltzers. I don't care for seltzer, but for some reason, anything that is black cherry flavored is going in my mouth! And cream is good anytime.

I still have not swam since the March shutdown. When I run, I am much, much slower, and my knees are starting to hurt. I'm still riding my bike, but the furthest I've gone is 50 miles, and that was back in June. This could get ugly, quick!

Now, I am scared, but I'm not worried...yet. I have 11 months to get my shit together. My coach and I will start back up in January or February and get back to business. It will be ok.

I know that I have not treated my body like a temple...especially in my early years. Reckless abandon is the perfect description of how I threw my body around during my teen years; playing several different sports during high school and college. Not to mention playing the drums at the same time. Lugging around a snare drum during a parade or football half time show is not easy. Those suckers are heavy. And now 30 years later, I am paying the price.

I've abused my knees for many, many years. Going up stairs hurts. When I need to get onto my knees to clean something, or play with the boys on some activity, then it is not easy to get up. Running...oh, I feel it immediately, and the next day.

I screwed up my shoulder at some point. The left rotator cuff is not what it used to be. Swimming makes it sore, but lifting things is when it really acts up. I've done physical therapy for several months, and it felt great last year. It even felt good this spring when I was swimming. It sure doesn't feel good now.

As the saying says, "It's a bitch getting old." But it doesn't matter. There are people with no legs that complete an Ironman. There are people who can't see that do it too! I know I can. And I will.

Deep down, I am so freaking excited!!!! I just hope that Covid doesn't screw up 2021 like it did 2020.

Because I'm gonna party like I'm 50 (even though I'll be 51).

See you in August 2021, Mont-Tremblant!

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1 commentaire

Jane Ohanesian
Jane Ohanesian
21 sept. 2020

Exactly. Slow but sure progress - you've got this.

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